1. Bridge ETH back to Ethereum mainnet

2. Send ETH to your exchange

3. Trade ETH for fiat

4. Withdraw fiat to bank account

1. Bridge ETH back to Ethereum mainnet

Use the Polygon Bridge to withdraw ETH/WETH from the Polygon chain to the Ethereum chain.

Note that this transaction can take several minutes to complete and does require payment of Ethereum gas fees. Tip: gas fees tend to fluctuate quite a bit; if they are too high, you may want to monitor/retry your transaction periodically as gas fees are changing constantly.

Once complete, open your MetaMask wallet and toggle back to the Ethereum network to ensure the ETH transfer was successful.

2. Send ETH to your exchange

In MetaMask, click on your ETH balance and locate and click the “Send” button.

In the “Send to” field, paste in your ETH-specific wallet address from your exchange (e.g. Coinbase, Binance, etc.). You will be able to find this wallet address in the “Receive” or “Deposit” options within the exchange.

IMPORTANT NOTE: You must ensure the address is for the right currency/asset so review this step carefully! If you try to send assets other than ETH to an ETH-specific address, the funds will be lost and not recoverable.

Below is an example of this process in Coinbase when depositing ETH.

3. Trade ETH for Fiat

Within the exchange, you will be able to trade your ETH balance to convert it into USD, GBP, EUR, or whichever fiat currency you’d like.

4. Withdraw Fiat to Bank Account

Follow the instructions in the exchange to withdraw funds back to your bank account.

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