1. What type of content can I sell on Melon?

  2. What kind of support is available for creators?

  3. Will my NFT sell?

  4. How much will my NFT sell for?

  5. Am I still allowed to post my content, even though someone else owns the NFT?

  6. Are there any copyright issues?

  7. How do I re-sell an NFT I purchased?

What type of content can I sell on Melon?

At Melon, we specialize in viral content from the top social media platforms. This includes:

  1. TikToks

  2. Instagram posts

  3. Youtube videos

  4. Twitch clips

...And more! The type of content that tends to work best in NFT form is viral, iconic, and relevant to your fans.

We'll work with you to pick the best content your fans will love.

What kind of support is available for creators?

At the moment, we are working closely with all creators to make the experience as seamless as possible. All you need to do is send us your content and we will list it on Melon - we can advise on pricing and quantities before it goes on sale.

To begin with, we can focus on your most iconic, most liked, most viral, most viewed or first-ever type of content on any given platform.

We will look at your feed and what resonates with your audience. We expect most creators to sell their most viral moment or a new piece of content similar to that.

Will my NFT sell?

To have the best chance of selling, it’s important you let your fans know your NFTs are live and available for them to buy on Melon.

We’ll also be posting on our social media channels when new NFTs drop.

As with any type of asset, there are no guarantees of sales per se.

How much will my NFT sell for?

We've seen social NFTs sell for hundreds all the way through to hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Our team will work with you to establish how much your most popular content could be worth, and help you get the most out of your sale.

Am I still allowed to post my content, even though someone else owns the NFT?

Yes, you are. The buyer of the NFT does not own the rights to the content, so this does not impact your ability to use or monetize the content as you normally would.

The buyer can only use the NFT for non-commercial purposes, such as displaying it in a personal virtual gallery.

However, any content put up on sale on Melon can not have been sold elsewhere as an NFT since it would no longer be exclusive.

Are there any copyright issues?

Minting and selling your piece of content as an NFT does not provide any IP or copyright ownership to the buyer of the NFT.

The NFT owner is buying a digital certificate in the form of a smart contract on the blockchain. This certifies that they bought the NFT and what the NFT represents - in this case, a link to one of your pieces of content.

Buyers are only allowed to use, copy, and show off their NFTs in non-commercial ways - such as by sharing a link to their NFT collection on their social channels.

How do I re-sell an NFT I purchased?

After you purchase an NFT, you are free to re-sell it on the Melon marketplace.

Here's how it works.

1) Head to your collection page

Click on your profile to see all NFTs collected to date under "Collected".

Find the NFT you want to put on sale.

2) Click on the NFT you bought and select "Put on sale"

The NFT page will now show a new button that lets you put the NFT up for sale (as well as redeem any rewards associated with the NFT - please note that once redeemed, the rewards will not get passed onto the new owner of the NFT).

A pop-up window will appear, letting you select:

  • The type of sale you wish to use: Fixed price (immediate sale), or Auction.

  • The currency that will be used to pay for the item (MATIC only at launch, other options including the native $MELON token to follow).

  • The amount you wish to sell the NFT for, translated into USD.

Hit "Put on sale", and your item is now live in the Melon marketplace!

Putting multiple NFTs up for sale at once

You can also list several NFTs all at once. Simply head to your collection page, and click "Collected".

You will see a "Put NFTs on sale button" above your NFTs - click it, and select all the items you wish to sell.

Once done, click on "Put selected on sale" and fill in the details as above. The same settings will apply to all selected items.

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